Daily Currency Market Trend By Trifid Research

Support for CURRENCY USDINR Support is seen at 60.3000 60.2000 and 60.1000 levels while resistance is seen 60.5000 60.6000 and 60.7000 levels. Support for CURRENCY EURINR Support is seen at 83.2500 83.1500 And 83.0000 levels while resistance is seen at 83.4500 83.5500 and 83.6500 levels. Support for CURRENCY GBPINR Support is seen at 100.9000 100.8000 […]


Daily Analysis Commodity NCDEX Report

Support for  NCDEX CHANA MAY delivery is seen at 3020 and 2980 levels while resistance is seen 3090 and 3120 levels. Support for  NCDEX JEERA MAY delivery is seen at 9800 and 9700 levels while resistance is seen at 10000 and10100 levels. Support for  NCDEX SOYABEAN MAY  delivery is seen at 4360 and 4320 levels while resistance is seen at 4420 and 4460 levels. Support for  NCDEX […]

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