PCG Pack

Our priority is to help you achieve your vision and goals: We are your Wealth Advocate. Unlike most other firms, We are first and foremost accountable to you. You are our priority. We are served by serving you.

Our services are offered to and through an exclusive network on a "by invitation only" basis. We are frugal when it comes to your hard-earned interest and we do not spend your money to impress you with exotic collections and glamour. Most importantly we support looking after your best interest while keeping your assets where they currently reside. We respect our client's objectives when they seek us to guide their existing investment and give them unbiased advice, oversight and verify they are "being served" well.

This service is for premium clients wherein we create a group of HNI traders and investors and one relationship executive and one research executive are dedicated for assisting the clients in trading.

For more details contact +91 731 663 1000

Key Features

  • Complete personalized service according to your investment
  • CALLS Pattern will be decided by clients as per their trading platform.
  • Calls (Tips) will be given through SMS, Yahoo messenger or through phone calls as per client convenience.
  • Dedicated Relationship Executive and Research Analyst will handle your  all trades
  • Full support regarding entry and exit on every call.
  • Telephonic support from 9:00 AM to 11:55 PM .
  • Services: All Segment (Equity,FnO,Commodity,FOREX,Comex)
  • Support on your invested portfolio.
  • Instant Query resolution
  • Global market update