An Overview of Gold Trading | Commodity Tips


An Overview of Gold Trading | Commodity Tips

Gold Trading History

Since, prehistoric times the gold was one of the primary metals to be in the mined, mostly because of the form, in which it originated, being small pieces at the base of a river. It became, so high in the demand that the Egyptians started removal it in the year of 2000 BC. Throughout, history many people’s chose gold as a consistent and universal appearance of money for dealing goods.

The gold standard, the financial system for which the financial currency used is backed up through the gold treasury of the receiving country. It came to live, due to the appreciation of the gold as a real currency. It was deserted by the United Kingdom (U.K) and the entire British Empire when the world war I began. Maximum other countries also deserted it during the 20th century.

How to trade gold :

• Open a trading account.

• The money your account to have enough trading budget.

• Select the desired trading position size.

• Choose desired leverage.

• Open a Long or Short position according to your study.

Different forms of gold available to traders and investors:

Physical metal (bullion's or coins): – A bullion is a combination of precious metal. And the Measured in the shape of a bar & weight.

Gold certificates: – These are extremely similar to the primary paper bank notes. Ongoing on the 17th century, these gold metal certificates acted as evidence of the gold ownership and were the passed similar to cash payments. Today, they are still agreed by certain banks and represent an amount of gold or coins for its holder

Gold futures: – Is a contract or agreement for delivery of the gold in the upcoming time at a set rate. Investors, use this to control the rate risk. Since gold futures agreements are bought & sold at centralized exchanges, these agreements offer additional leverage & flexibility than the trading in commodities themselves.

Gold-based ETFs: – With the thought that the gold continues to suggest good profits, the ETF’s – Exchange Traded Funds, are controlled by the gold trading specialists. They can potentially provide you a better possibility to make more, than if you were to deal it on your possess. Remain in mind the rate of gold still will carry on to influence the ETF.

Contracts for difference; – Suitable for traders, but not the investors, this derivative permits to profit from the moves in gold rate during the agreement duration, without also a right or compulsion to buy the actual underlying benefit. Nature of the CFDs permits shorting the gold and trading, it on a margin.


• MT4 Symbol – GOLD

• Exchange – NYMEX

• Trading Hours – 23:00 – 21:59

• Margin: 0.50

• Increment: 0.01

• Minimum Trade Size: 1 ounce

• Spread $0.50

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